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Phoenix Rising (Retro T-Shirt)

Phoenix Rising (Retro T-Shirt)

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BRAND: Unknown 
MATERIAL: 100% Cotton 

Riddle Retro T-Shirts are held to the highest quality standards. Although most of them have survived any number of adventures around the world, adorning the torsos of previous owners, we thoroughly wash, dry, and rigorously inspect each one for any signs of excessive damage or wear and tear. To our way of thinking, "vintage" means super-cool and maybe a little faded, with some age on it, but still in great shape. Rips, holes, frayed edges, and stains Do Not make the cut. If you have any questions about a particular T, feel free to contact us at

*Retro T's are non-refundable (as if you'd be unhappy with your purchase). 

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