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Colorful Wool Dryer Balls (SET OF 3) LASTS 10 YEARS
  • Colorful Wool Dryer Balls (SET OF 3) LASTS 10 YEARS
  • Colorful Wool Dryer Balls (SET OF 3) LASTS 10 YEARS
Colorful Wool Dryer Balls (SET OF 3) LASTS 10 YEARS - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

What are dryer balls you ask?

Eliminate chemicals from your laundry routine!

Save 18-22 minutes of drying time!

No static! No Wrinkles! No Chemicals!

Wool dryer balls replace the need for fabric softener and dryer sheets.

They work naturally by rubbing on clothes. Wool dryer balls absorb water throughout your dry cycle, and then release the moisture when the clothes are dryer to help reduce wrinkles. They can also reduce dry time by 18-22 minutes, so be sure to adjust your dryer settings to avoid static.

Allergic to wool. No problem! Most wool allergy is a contact allergy. Anotherwords, wool sweaters do not like you. However, felted wool balls work differently and have been kind to those with allergies

These balls are dyed with NATURAL dye! Logwood, Fusticwood, Cochneial, and Madder Root when in to giving these their beautiful color. They are felted, which means they will never fall apart.

These balls are handcrafted and will last thousands of washes! Each ball weighs between .5 -1.0 oz. They are roughly the size of a tennis ball. They are also safe for cloth diapers, sweaters and towels.

These are solid Wool. No fillers! no rubber centers. I cannot tell you how many sets I have bought from eBay and Amazon that ended up having a rubber core~ Yuck!

Lastly, Kids love these and pets too! LOL

You can scent them with any essential oil! One drop per ball every 2-3 weeks.

Already have some balls? You can never have enough and it's always fun to try out more. The more balls you have the faster things dry, the more $$ you save. 


Add 1-2 drops or sprays of pure essential oil to each ball every 5-10 loads. (Fragrances coming soon). 

Throw your balls in the dryer and just leave them there until you need to add more scents. 

That's it! So cool right?! 

Oh one last thing.. cats love these balls and WILL steal them and run away. We will be adding animal toy balls to the site shortly! 😽


No returns on dryer balls. Thank you :)